PID Displays for digital signage

PID Displays

EG Electronics offers a broad range of PID displays up to 98″, suitable for the digital signage market.StandardWordmark_WHITE_Prin

These displays are characterized by longer production lifetime, backward capability with new models, extended temperature, high brightness etc.

Part no SizeResolutionBrightness
LTI290LN01-0 29″BT 1920×540 TN500nit
LTI370LN03-V 37″BT 1920×540 TN700nit
LTI400HN01-0 40″W 1920×1080 SWV700nit
LTI460HF01-V 46″W 1920×1080 SWV2500nit
LTI460HZ01-V 46″W 1920×1080 SWV5000nit
LTI480HN01-0 48″W 1920×1080 SWV700nit
LTI480HN02-0 48″W 1920×1080 TN500nit
LTI550FN01-0 55″W 3840×2160 TN500nit
LTI550HF04-V 55″W 1920×1080 TN2500nit
LTI750HF01-V 75″W 1920×1080 TN2500nit

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